About Me

Jim Cote Ward 3

My Background

  • City Councilor at Large, Ward 3  
  • Serving in my 2nd Term and serving the city on the Committees of Land Use and Public Safety & Transportation  
  • Family: Jim is married to Albie Alvarez-Cote, has 10 children (4 are Veterans) and 5 Grandchildren.
  • Education:  Masters in Business (MBA):  University of Mary Washington
  • Work History:
  • 1975-1995 US Marine, and attained the rank of First Sergeant
  • 1995-Present:  Financial Advisor with Concord Wealth Management


  • Experienced incumbent City Councilor, serving on committees of Land Use and Public Safety & Transportation
  • Participated in, and then voted for Key Developments that work for your neighborhood. 
  • Opioid Crisis: Leadership led directly to the establishment of the Mayor’s commission on Opioids, and the use of Narcan by first responders.
  • Saved the Trees at the Newton Free Library, and many other locations 
  • Worked on, and voted for the first Assisted Living facility in a number of years 
  • Parks: Promoting new a Park to be located by Burr School, enhanced Rev Ford Playground at Crescent St/Curve St

Get Involved, Vote Jim Cote on Tuesday Nov 7

Representing you: 

  • Participate din Police “live shooter” Training 
  • Actively participated in the Fire Department’s innovative “smokey room” simulator 
  • Rode on the Waste Management Trucks, and the City’s Sidewalk repair crews 
  • Frugal budget watchdog working to keep Newton affordable for all *See the Debates:  www.newtv.org “Decision 2017”